Why Join?

Make “me time” a part of your monthly schedule with a Melt Membership. We all struggle with making time for ourselves—but it’s much easier when you plan ahead.

Save money on every session.

Melt Members get more massages and facials, and pay less for every session. It’s a win-win. Each membership entitles you to one or more treatment per month, depending on package details, at a members-only rate. If you book more treatments than your package includes in any given month, you’ll also get a small discount on additional treatments before the start of the next month.

Experience the benefits of regular massage.

From relieving stress, to reducing chronic pain, to releasing endorphins, massages deliver many benefits—and the rewards are even greater with regular massage sessions. You may experience longer-term pain relief, faster healing from injuries and better overall health when you book a massage at least once per month.

See your skin improve with monthly facials.

For conditions like oily, dry or acne-prone skin, regular facials can lead to real improvements. Routine facials can also boost the benefits of anti-aging treatments, help heal sun damage and even out skin tone. Most aestheticians recommend getting a facial once a month to maintain and optimize results.

Less stress. More happiness.

Try saying this out loud: “I’m going to my monthly spa appointment.” Feels good, doesn’t it? A Melt Membership is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood.

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