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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

At Melt Day Spa, Keller, TX, we make waxing much more relaxing by using the highest quality wax and pain-minimizing Relax N Wax skincare products. You’ll experience less pain during your wax, and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with results that last much longer than shaving.

Spa Favorites

Bikini   $45 
20 Minutes

Be ready for summer (or any time) in no time with our fast Bikini wax. This quick treatment removes hair from your bikini line, so you can wear short shorts and swimsuits with confidence.

Brazilian   $65 
30 Minutes

Get the best Brazilian wax in Keller. Inspired by the teeny bikinis worn on the beaches of Brazil, the Brazilian is the hottest trend in waxing and one of our most popular waxing services. Melt’s Brazilian wax will leave your entire bikini area—including between the cheeks—completely smooth and hair free. (Landing strip optional).

Brows   $15
10 Minutes

All eyes on you. Our experienced aestheticians will expertly shape your brows for a polished, beautiful appearance.

Chin Only   $10
5 Minutes

So, you have a little hair on your chin. No big deal, lots of women do—but no one says you have to keep it. In just a few minutes, the skin on your chin will be smooth and hair free. (And, after a few sessions, less hair will grow back.)

Ears  $15
5 Minutes

Listen up, Keller. Waxing your ears may sound strange, but hair in the ears is not a good look—and it can’t be good for your hearing. Let us clear your ears of unwanted hair for a more polished appearance and, perhaps, better listening skills.

Full Arms   $40
20 Minutes

Look your best in sleeveless tops, sundresses and other skin-baring styles with smooth, hairless arms. A full arm wax takes just 20 minutes, and hair will grow back finer, thinner and softer than with shaving.

Full Back   $60
30 Minutes

A hairy back looks great on some people. Werewolves. Babboons. Chewbacca. OK, maybe  those aren’t people. The point is, we can we can wax your whole back in just a half-hour, leaving you comfortably smooth for up to two months.

Full Face   $45
20 Minutes

Have several areas on your face that require hair removal? A full-face treatment takes care of all your unwanted facial hair in just 20 minutes, so you can put your best face forward.

Full Legs   $65
40 Minutes

Once you wax, you won’t want to go back. Enjoy smooth, silky, hairless legs with no stubble, cuts or itchy, uncomfortable regrowth. Our full leg wax removes all leg hair and lasts longer than shaving. Plus, hair grows back finer and thinner than before.

Sideburns   $15
15 Minutes

Your sideburns have left the building. Enjoy a neat, clean hairline and keep the focus on your face with a sideburn wax. Wait, make that two. (One waxed sideburn would just look weird.)

Stomach   $25
15 Minutes

Whether you’re showing off your abs or preparing for bikini season, waxing your stomach will improve your body’s look, making muscle definition more apparent and shifting the focus to you—instead of your unwanted hair.

Under Arm   $20
15 Minutes

Raise your hand if you want to get rid of underarm hair, fast. Underarm waxing is a longer-lasting solution than shaving, and results in a cleaner, more polished look, without the “shadow” of dark roots below your skin’s surface.

Upper Lip   $10
10 Minutes

Most guys can’t wait to grow their first moustache, letting the world know they’ve become a man. Most women would prefer not to grow a moustache. If you’re in the latter category, there’s no need to worry. Just drop in for a quick wax and that stache will be history.

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