Watauga Couples Massage

Do you and your partner need to get away and enjoy a relaxing afternoon together? Try a Watauga couples massage from Melt Spa and Massage. It’s definitely a welcome change from typical movie nights, and you and your significant other will walk away feeling relaxed and in tune with one another.

To schedule a couples massage in Watauga TX, contact Melt Spa and Massage today. We have both 60-minute and 90-minute packages available.

Benefits of Having a Watauga Couples Massage

Couples massages offer a wide range of benefits that you can’t ignore. You reap all the benefits of a traditional massage, including reduced muscle tension and improved circulation while also strengthening your relationship with your significant other.

Here are some unique benefits to having a Watauga couples massage:

  • Spend quality time together – and do something different for a change! 
  • Enjoy a greater level of comfort and security during a couples massage in Watauga TX. Some people feel intimate during a solo massage.
  • Increase feelings of affection and intimacy (massage therapy releases dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin in the brain to give you this boost).
  • Enjoy your preferred massage while your partner enjoys theirs. You and your partner get your own therapists and options for hot stones, aromatherapy, etc.

Why Choose Us for Your Couples Massage in Watauga TX

Melt Spa and Massage is well-known for our couples massages. We create a relaxing, inviting setting where couples feel comfortable and work on relieving stress and anxiety while strengthening their bond. All massage therapists are licensed and certified and we provide ongoing education and certification to ensure they practice the highest standards.

Additional reasons to choose Melt Spa and Massage for your Watauga couples massage are:

  • Independently owned and operated
  • Skilled, certified massage therapists
  • Highly personalized, relaxing couples massages in Watauga TX
  • Discounts for teachers, first responders and military
  • Flexible hours and scheduling
  • Melt memberships available

Contact Melt Spa and Massage to schedule your Watauga couples massage.

COVID-19 Policy

COVID- 19 Policies and Procedure

We are following guidelines put in place by local and state officials. Some changes that you can expect when booking appointments with us:

Masks are required when entering and leaving appointments. You do not have to wear one while receiving services.

Appointments are required.

No extra people, including children, can accompany the person in the appointment.

Contactless checkout.

At this time we are not offering couples massages. We can accommodate two appointments at the same time just not in the same room.

We are booking appointments with more time between services to ensure proper disinfecting can happen between guests.