North Richland Hills Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

Did you know that a North Richland Hills prenatal massage can reduce aches and pains, promote better sleep and relieve tension? Melt Spa and Massage offers pregnancy massages in North Richland Hills TX. We are comfortable working with expectant mothers, and all therapists are fully trained and certified.

To schedule a relaxing massage, contact our prenatal spa in North Richland Hills TX today. Our North Richland Hills prenatal spa has comfortable tables and positions to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

What are the Reasons to Have a North Richland Hills Pregnancy Massage?

Massage therapy is generally very safe for expectant mothers, but we always recommend asking your doctor first. Here are some benefits to expect from a North Richland Hills prenatal massage:

  • Reduced pain. As the baby grows, it’s normal to have aches and pains. A pregnancy massage in North Richland Hills TX aims to relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation.
  • Improved sleep. When your body feels more relaxed and comfortable, it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Manage hormone levels. Pregnancy has a huge impact on your hormone levels. By having a North Richland Hills pregnancy massage, hormone levels associated with stress and relaxation are altered.
  • Less swelling. Swelling is also common during pregnancy due to reduced blood circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels. A prenatal massage in North Richland Hills TX stimulates the soft tissues and reduces fluid collection.

Visit Our Prenatal Spa in North Richland Hills TX Today

A relaxing, soothing prenatal massage in North Richland Hills TX is only a phone call away. Melt Spa and Massage has certified therapists, a welcoming environment and discounts for teachers, military members and first responders. We also have a referral program and membership program for those who regularly visit our North Richland Hills prenatal spa.

Contact us today to schedule your North Richland Hills prenatal massage. You’ll be feeling well-rested and relaxed in no time! Don’t all mothers deserve this? We think they do!

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