Keller Hot Stone Massage

Few things in this world will make you feel as good as a Keller hot stone massage will! Melt Spa and Massage will help ‘melt’ away your stress in just one visit! We are known for our professional massages, and our hot stone massage is no exception. Using smooth, flat, heated rocks, we’re able to deliver a relaxing experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else!

To book your appointment for a hot stone massage in Keller TX, contact Melt Spa and Massage today. We have convenient hours and licensed massage therapists.


What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage?

Many clients ask us how a hot stone massage differs from a regular massage, and what they can expect from it. Deep tissue massages apply more pressure to the back and aim to ‘work out’ areas that have been affected by pain or injury. Hot stone massages, on the other hand, focus on easing tired, achy muscles.

During a Keller hot stone massage, your massage therapist will place smooth basalt rocks on strategic parts of your body, such as along your spine, on your stomach or on your lower back. The rocks are heated to about 130 to 145 degrees. If they are too hot for you, let us know! Swedish massage techniques are applied as well so it feels like you are getting a relaxing massage with warm hands!


Benefits to Expect from a Hot Stone Massage in Keller TX

To ensure a safe and effective hot stone massage, it’s important to choose a licensed massage therapist who has training to deliver this type of treatment. All massage therapists at Melt Spa and Massage are licensed and know the appropriate temperature for the stones. In fact, it’s even possible to alternate hot and cold stones!

When you have a hot stone massage done, you can expect the following advantages:

  • Draw out toxins from the body
  • Increase lymphatic flow
  • Manage chronic pain
  • Ease stress and anxiety
  • Relieve tension and pain
  • Boost your immune system

To book your appointment for a Keller hot stone massage, contact Melt Spa and Massage today. We will provide you with a positive hot stone experience while promoting connection, security and relaxation.

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