Haslet Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

If you’re experiencing a lot of aches and pains during your pregnancy, you can probably benefit from a peaceful, relaxing Haslet prenatal massage. Melt Spa and Massage offers safe, effective prenatal massages in Haslet TX. They are just the thing many expectant mothers need to get through their pregnancies!

What to Expect from a Pregnancy Massage in Haslet TX

A Haslet pregnancy massage is different from a traditional massage in the sense that it uses different techniques. Our therapists avoid putting pressure on certain areas of the body and also choose positions where you’ll be most comfortable. Laying on your stomach certainly isn’t one of them!

After leaving our prenatal spa in Haslet TX, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Reduced swelling. Even though swelling is common during pregnancy, it’s very uncomfortable. A Haslet prenatal massage prevents fluid buildup and relieves swelling.
  • Pain relief. Tired of those aches and pains? Our Haslet prenatal spa can help! Research shows that massage therapy is effective at treating leg and back pain during pregnancy.
  • Improved sleep. When you feel happier and your body is more relaxed, it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. A prenatal massage in Haslet TX offers these benefits and reduces insomnia.
  • Stress reduction. Whether this is your first pregnancy or third, being pregnant is tough work! A pregnancy massage in Haslet TX is a safe, all natural way to fight mental, emotional and physical stress.

Why Choose Our Haslet Prenatal Spa

Melt Spa and Massage offers the most relaxing Haslet pregnancy massages. We look forward to having you in our spa! Reasons to choose our prenatal spa in Haslet TX are:

  • Discounts for teachers, first responders and military
  • Referral program – tell your friends!
  • Membership programs with free add-ons
  • Licensed, certified massage therapists
  • Personalized solutions to meet your needs
  • Flexible scheduling – book your appointment online!

Don’t wait any longer for your Haslet prenatal massage. Contact Melt Spa and Massage today for your appointment.




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