Haslet Monthly Massage Memberships

If you’ve been thinking about coming to Melt Spa, you may want to consider Haslet monthly massage memberships. We certainly invite you to come in any time to meet our friendly and well-trained staff, but the monthly massage memberships in Haslet TX are where the real perks are – and where you’re going to get the best results. If you’re serious about optimizing that value and getting the best possible service you can in the local area, just give us a call.

One thing to note about our Haslet monthly massage memberships is that no contracts are required. You are a member, but you’re not trapped in that membership forever. You don’t have to sign a contract saying that you’ll pay for the next 12 months, for instance. While other places may offer these types of monthly massage memberships in Haslet TX, we try to put our customers first. We want you to have more flexibility, and so our memberships come without contractual obligations.

Different Membership Options

The next thing to keep in mind is that there are different membership options to choose from. For instance, the Melt Signature Membership will give you a 60-minute Swedish massage, and you get to come in for that once a month. That saves you $35 every single month, compared to paying the non-membership rate.

The Melt Massage Membership, on the other hand, gets you a 90-minute Swedish massage. This actually saves you $45 per month, so it’s a great value if you wanted that consistent relaxation. You can always roll your unused services over to the next month, if you need to.

Beyond that, we also offer services like hydrafacials or hot stone massages. If you’d like to incorporate these into your options for Haslet monthly massage memberships, just talk to us about everything that we offer and how to get it set up.

Contacting Us

We’re the best place to go for monthly massage memberships in Haslet TX because we give you the most for your money, we give you the consistent treatment you’re looking for and we care about getting results – and we do it all for an affordable price. If you’d like to find out more about what these Haslet monthly massage memberships offer or how to sign up for one, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 817-379-5511.

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