Haslet Hot Stone Massage

Compared to a deep tissue massage, a Haslet hot stone massage helps relieve tension and discomfort from tight muscles. Deep tissue massages, on the other hand, are best for helping clients ‘work out’ areas that are affected by chronic and recurring pain.

To find out if a hot stone massage is right for you, book an appointment with Melt Spa and Massage. Our massage therapists are trained and certified, and they know how to deliver the appropriate temperature range for this therapeutic treatment.


What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage in Haslet TX?

During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat stones are placed on specific parts of the body such as along the spine, stomach, chest, palms, feet and toes. The stones are heated to a temperature of 130 to 145 degrees, and your massage therapist may massage your body using Swedish massage techniques.

At Melt Spa and Massage, we use basalt rocks due to their ability to retain heat. We also use very smooth rocks so that they do not irritate the skin. Combined with our massage techniques, you can expect a relaxing massage that relieves stress, anxiety and tension.


Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Is a hot stone massage right for you? Our trained massage experts can help you decide what type of massage is the best fit for your needs. Each type of massage has its own unique benefits, and a Haslet hot stone massage is no exception.

The advantages to scheduling a hot stone massage with us are:

  • Promote healthy, consistent sleep
  • Relieve muscle tension and pain
  • Relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases
  • Increase lymph movement and blood flow
  • Eliminate toxins from the body
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage with less pressure, a hot stone massage in Haslet TX may be right for you!


Book Your Hot Stone Massage Today!

Melt Spa and Massage provides the most relaxing massages, with add-on treatments like aromatherapy and a hand or foot scrub. We want you to feel completely relaxed and at ease so that you can maximize your time with us. Book your appointment today and see what a Haslet hot stone massage can do for your health and wellness!

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