Fort Worth Sports Massage Therapist

Were you injured while playing sports? A Fort Worth sports massage therapist can ease your pain in just one visit! Sports massages target specific areas of the body to treat soft tissue aches and injuries associated with recreational sports. When you choose a Fort Worth sports massage therapist from Melt Spa and Massage, you can expect restorative bodywork that can aid in healing, promote flexibility and prevent further injury.

What are the Benefits of a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is more than just a basic massage. Other types of massages focus on relaxing the body whereas a sports massage therapist in Fort Worth TX will fix and correct problems. There are also different techniques used in sports massages depending on where your pain is coming from, the sport you play and the improvements you hope to make.

As an example, a Fort Worth sports massage therapist may use friction techniques to penetrate deep into the muscles to heal old injuries. Everything we do at Melt Spa and Massage is personalized to your exact needs, so you can work closely with your sports massage therapist in Fort Worth TX to find a treatment approach that works for you.

Benefits of a sports massage include:

  • Increased performance
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved recovery from pain and injuries
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Lowered risk for further injury

Why Choose Our Fort Worth Sports Massage Therapists

Melt Spa and Massage is a full-service day spa that provides the best service possible. We want every visit with a sport massage therapist in Fort Worth TX to exceed your expectations. Below are some of the reasons we hope you choose us for your next massage!

  • Best technology in skincare and massage
  • Licensed and certified sports massage therapists in Fort Worth TX
  • Excellent communication – we listen to our clients!
  • Inviting, upscale environment
  • Memberships available

Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury or want to improve your athletic performance, contact Melt Spa and Massage for a sports massage. We have flexible scheduling, so choose a time that works for you and one of our Fort Worth sports massage therapists will give you the bodywork you need to be a top athlete.

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