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What To Expect During Your Massage

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Before Your Massage

• After you check in at our front desk, a therapist will show you to a comfortable massage therapy suite.

• Let your therapist know about any health conditions you may have, such as pregnancy or injury.

• Do you prefer firm or gentle pressure? Are there any problem areas you would like to focus on? Share your preferences with your therapist for the best massage experience.

• Your therapist will leave the room briefly while you prepare for your massage. Undress to your level of comfort, knowing you will be draped for privacy during your massage. You may leave undergarments on if you prefer.
Lie face-up or face-down on the massage table (as instructed by your therapist) and cover with the blanket or towel provided.

• Before entering the room, your therapist will knock.

• Unlike some spas, which charge from the moment you enter the therapy room, Melt does not start your massage time until we start your massage.

During Your Massage 

• Your body will be covered by a blanket or towel during your massage, and your therapist will only uncover the part(s) on which he or she is currently working.

• Your therapist will use massage oil, with or without aromatherapy, to lubricate the skin.

• If you feel the pressure is too light or too firm, let your masseuse know so the technique may be adjusted to your preference.

• Feel free to close your eyes and completely relax during your session.

After Your Massage

• Enjoy the feeling of calm and relaxation following your massage.

• Take your time getting dressed and checkout only when you’re ready.

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