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The Benefits of Treating Your Skin Right

At Melt, our facials aren’t just relaxing. They’re also very beneficial for your skin. All of our Signature Facials feature Skin Script products, a clinical skin care line made with nourashing botanicals and powerful ingredients. Melt is a botanical spa – Keller’s best choice for natural facials.

Spa Favorites

Melt Signature Facial $115

Melt into a deep relaxation with our signature Skin Script facial. This customized service will leave your skin feeling revitalized and new. With Vitamin rich ingredients from plants and herbs, This facial is perfect for expectant mothers, clients with sensitive skin, and anyone who wants to maintain their skin health while preventing environmental factors.

Melt Age Defying Facial $165

 Jump into a much needed rejuvenation, this anti aging treatment rich in antioxidants treating all signs of ageing while increasing collagen and elastin production. Featuring Skin Scripts Cherry Enzyme with antioxidants, Kojic, and Mandelic acid these ingredients protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals associated with the aging process. This Facial includes: LED Light Therapy and High Frequency Therapy to lighten spots and uneven tones, calm the skin, and tighten the skin, an age defying Egyption Rose Hydrajelly Mask, and Jade Roller Massage to stimulate Facial muscles and tighten your complexion while massaging masks and serums deeper into the skin.

Melt Illuminating Facial $165

Shed away your unwanted dark spots with the refreshing scent of lemon. Skin Scripts Powerful lemon Zest enzyme exfoliates and brightens the skin with the power of Arbutin and Kojic Acid. This facial will excite the senses while hydrating the skin and targeting those stubborn sun spots. This facial utilizes LED and High Frequency Therapy to tighten and brighten skin, Jade Roller Massage to Stimulate facial muscles and assist serums in penetrating deeper layers of the skin, and a Brightening Complex Hydrajelly Mask.

Melt Acne Away Facial $165

Reduce redness and inflammation caused by acne with this power packed blueberry enzyme, this facial will not only improve acne but it will reduce irregular pigment and scaring. This facilai utilizes LED Light Therapy to help eliminate Acne causing bacteria and calm redness and inflammation, Cold Jade Roller Massage to further calm the skin while assisting masks and serums to penetrate the layers of the skin deeper, and a Charcoal Hydrajelly Mask.

Melt Microdermabrasion Facial $145

With our Professional grade diamond tip microdermabrasion machine our Licensed estheticians are able to provide a powerful physical exfoliation that will buff and shine the surface of your skin leaving a smooth supple texture while simultaneously increasing circulation improving collagen production.

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