Bedford Active Release Technique

You can find relief from pain and stiffness in your joints and muscles, in addition to a host of other symptoms, by visiting the skilled staff at Melt Spa and Massage for our Bedford Active Release Technique (ACT) treatments.

This is a specific approach in massage that identifies adhesions in soft tissue and utilizes non-invasive manipulation techniques to work them out. These adhesions form when soft tissue is damaged and attempts to heal itself. Those injuries might result from overusing certain muscles or trauma. And, these adhesions can be responsible for the pain and stiffness that you are experiencing.

Through our Active Release Technique in Bedford TX, we can help you find long-term, lasting relief for these ailments. We’re highly trained in this discipline of massage and are one of the few destinations in which you can find Bedford Active Release Technique treatments.


Signs you might benefit from ACT

Adhesions in soft tissue can be the culprit for a variety of symptoms. If you are experiencing some of the following, feel free to connect with Melt to see if you might benefit from Bedford Active Release Technique.

Symptoms include:

  • Inflamed or sore joints
  • Stiffness in your neck, elbow, feet, hands and other areas
  • Weakness or numbness
  • Pain during physical activity or exertion
  • Poor flexibility or range of motion

Some men and women figure that these are the signs of growing older and that they simply have to live through the pain — but they don’t. Our Active Release Technique in Bedford TX is one way in which you can find relief from the pain and enhance the quality of your life.


Visit Melt — learn more about Active Release Technique in Bedford TX!

At Melt Spa and Massage, we provide a variety of massage services, from Swedish massage to prenatal massage. The goal is to provide you with relaxation while gently helping soft tissue throughout your body heal the right way. Our Bedford Active Release Technique in Bedford TX is one way in which we do that. Unlock rest and revitalization by making a plan to visit with our team. Here at Melt, we’re waiting to treat you.

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